AreALibera: Objectives and Expected Outcome of the Company ruled by Nicola Orazzini

What is the overall objective of AreALibera? AreALibera is a social network platform which Is used to empower and reinforce the connections and the relationships between citizens and administrators. The 1th goal is to increase the effectiveness of policy by bridging the gap between different levels of administration and allowing a path of interaction between administrators and administrative activity. AreALibera is also an instrument to monitor this activity, thus giving the opportunity to access transparently the administrative domain. The social network platform increases direct participation and agenda-setting by citizens, who shall be able to transmit directly to the administrator questions, claims, critics approval or endorsements. Participation means cooperative creation of new solutions in solving specific problems: citizens are part of the political debate and they can share their point of view. Because of all of these reasons, AreALibera can be considered the first social-network for civil society ever made in Italy. A new business model, created by Nicola Orazzini, for inclusive, innovative and reflective societies. An instrument to fight the impoverishment of Public Debate, restoring first-hand dialogue as a common source of information.



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